Dot Motorcycles

About Us

Dr Anthony Keating and Dr Daniel Keating from Keating Kinetics, with Gary Hewitt and Ian Martin and the owners of the Dot brand, have decided to bring Dot Motorcycles back into market and present the new motorcycles to passionate riders. At the NCME National Centre for Motorsport Engineering in Greater Manchester, our engineers have had the pleasure to work with Guy Martin with his tacit knowledge of motorcycles and engineering he has shaped the Dot into a superior product. The new directors along with the team will capture the soul of the Dot brand and bring it to another level.

Our Dot motorcycles have been designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists, then tested, rode and consulted by T.T winning and world champion riders. The engineers have done an amazing job with the drawing, shaping and creation of the motorcycles keeping the vintage look. Looking forward to bringing joy on the roads with our two initial models the “Reed Racer” and “Dot Demon”. The two models are hand-made and customisable to create an even more special and personalised rider-motorcycle bond.

We are already working on the creation of new models and for the future electric motorcycles.